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In an increasingly complex world, it is often very difficult to understand how everything is articulated and interacted. We are literally inundated with information, regardless of our interests.

Artificial Intelligence, the flagship area of the beginning of the millennium, is no exception. Every day, dozens of websites tell us about it and we feel that all the components of our lives are concerned.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is « the set of theories and techniques used to make machines capable of simulating human intelligence, by implementing learning, object recognition and decision-making skills. »

(Larousse Source)

This new site dedicated exclusively to this scientific theme has the ambition to make you discover and understand what it represents today through many media.


Find a selection of news and documents of all kinds (videos, graphics, magazines, books, etc) commented by an expert.

The objective is twofold. It is to reflect the concerns of the moment but also, in a second step, to evoke more broadly the state of the art in the field. As the days go by, the main scientific concepts are presented and explained.

In addition, mood posts put current events into perspective to give you the keys to understanding the issues at stake and allow you to form your own opinion.


Sometimes several themes require longer developments than a simple blog article. They are presented in this section.


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